Combiner Wars
Combiner Wars
The Combiner Wars have begun.
Optimus Prime

Combiner Wars
The Fall
The Council
The Duel
A War of Giants
Darkest Hour
Destruction's Dawn

John's Thoughts
Combiners Wars is the first Transformers show for adults and it banks on nostalgia and the adults audience's assumed interest in low quality anime. It uses its five minute run time to little effect, having action scenes and establishing shots drag on for little reason other than to pad things out. The dialogue is poor and at points nonsensical. The explanation of combiners raises more questions than it answers and the powers of the enigma lead to a conclusion that feels forced and is very difficult to watch. The reveal of Metroplex is handled so poorly that laughing is near unavoidable. Overall Combiner Wars is for people who are desperate to relieve 1984-1995, seeing their favorite Transformers through the eyes of weebs.