John, Dylan, and friends talk about classic cartoons, toys, and more.
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With the New My Little Pony:The Movie coming out it's a nice time to look back on how things began.
We've been wanting to talk more about the original My Little Pony for awhile and with the new movie coming out and it being the Halloween season it was the perfect opportunity to talk about the film and touch on it's roots in fantasy and sci-fi horror.

We talk about the greatest animated film of all time.
We've been meaning to talk about this film for months and just never got around to it. I think we summarized our thoughts on the film pretty well.

We talk about the second chapter in the Monsterverse series (not to be confused with the other monster based cinematic universe, the Dark Universe).
I think we could've been more attentive when making this if anything, the tinny audio is something we aren't going to repeat.

The Bros. talk about their distaste in the new Star Wars.
There are quite a few problems with The Last Jedi that I should clarify that are mentioned in this broadcast. It's a pointless messy poorly paced film tone death that wastes a lot of it's lengthy runtime with needless scenes, preaching, and out of place jokes. It abuses the force to the point where it feels more like Looper than Star Wars. It's characters make decisions that are baffling and for some very out of character. It's only purpose seems to be to drop and devalue characters and plotlines that Rian didn't like.

John and Dylan talk about the My Little Pony Christmas Special.
I think at this point the Radio model is wearing down. 2018 needs something new.