John and Dylan discuss classic cartoon characters.
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We take a look at previous takes on the new My Little Pony villain.
When we heard her what her name was it inspired us to look back on previous versions of the character. Fizzypop was one of the first ponies I ever bought.

The Devourer of Worlds.
Unicron is biggest Transformers character in many ways, physically, voice talent-wise, and background-wise so he needed a big video.

A sporty fun loving pony.
I think we could have expanded on the why more. Patch is very much inspired by history, she's nostalgic about a time before her existence and this causes her imagination to wonder. The man/woman out of time in media is usually 'ahead of their time' having modern traits considered positive in the past. Patch is a more realistic case we see in writers like H.P. Lovecraft, a person who wishes to be a part of the past. Patch like Lovecraft finds modern times to be more boring and imagines what lies beyond her world. She's a necromancer of sorts in the series communicating with ghosts and angel like aliens whether this is real or her imagination is left up to interpretation in "Slumber Party" but leans more towards it being real in Up, Up, and Away.

We talk about the most prolific background pony.
I felt it's important on this most important of anniversaries to do better at making videos, to be honest with myself about the faults in my recent videos so I did a video on the element of honest herself fixing the mistakes I've made in past videos.

John talks about all the takes on everyone's favorite baby dragon.
I think this might've been a little too straightforward and I could've done a much better Job marketing it.

We talk about our favorite animated characters.
Dylan was confused whether or not it was live and it really shows that PTV needs a soft reboot.