Keith and John talk Bionicle and more.
Check it out!

John and Dylan talk about the 80s best cartoon.
Transformers has been part of BioTube since the early days but we wanted to bring it back to BioTube with a strong premise behind it and that was to make it part of our media review series and it did alright. Thinking of talking contrstuct-bots on the channel soon.

John and Dylan talk stop motion film.
With the strike on BL and how live videos usually do this is probably going to be our last for awhile. We did a good job of having a polite and informative discussion about Stop Motion Film.

We talk about how horror influenced the creation of Transformers and how Horror is a vital part of Transformers.
I think we spent a little too much time on Orson Welles and denouncing masking preaching as content but I do like that we started with the show's origin and the Transformer's origins to emphasize our point.

We talk about the possible reason for Bionicle's second cancellation.
This episode could've been a bit better researched in terms of the visuals, the background was supposed to be a teaser for what the series was supposed to look like.

We define Buildable Figures.
I think the discussion style structure might put some people off.

We Talk about the "Great Spirit".
I think this shows the issues with doing these character studies for something we aren't passionate about.

We talk about the future of BioTube.
We run through our plans for December 2017.

We talk about how we got into Bionicle.
This really sets the precedent for BTW.

We review The Lego Movie.
At this point we were feeling really down on Bear Lizard and so I have that tone in my voice and my humour. This is the last episode of BT because I wasn't feeling to good about the series so it needed a refresh.

>My final thoughts on a few things relating to toy fair.
I really need to focus more on the quality of the content and services I provide. I've realized, I've pretty much abandoned this site and to bring it back is going to need a lot of effort. I was very excited for Toy Fair and I admit I kinda jumped the gun when it came to wave four of Power of the Primes, hope to see it at comic con.