Bear Lizard
Bear Lizard
John, Dylan, and friends talk about classic cartoons, toys, and more.
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Dylan and I try running a call in show.
I have a feeling if I had more active subs this would have gone over better but I probably wouldn't have done it if I had that many active subs.

John and Dylan talk about what influenced Blue Before and how it influenced them moving forward.
Sometimes we learn the wrong lessons from our successes and failures. It's important to contextualize your experiences to understand them better so you may do better in the future.

We talk about the best worst film ever made.
It's an appropriate topic for the Final episode of Bear Lizard Radio. If anything I wish I didn't botch the release time.

John gets expert tech support.
I had already done this for BLR but I felt that I had this on hand and nothing was getting out so why not publish it?