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Shia 2: Fly The White Flag
Shia strikes back.
This is very much a sequel to my last documentary, this one focusing on how the flag project changed the meaning of HWNDU.
Littlest Pet Shop Themes
We talk about the theme song of Littlest Pet Shop.
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
In order to defeat the Cobra super weapon the Joes must make their own before it's too late.
This pilot miniseries gives a good look at the world of G.I Joe, establishing both factions and the individuals within while also giving us an idea of how the world is alike and different from ours. There is a sci-fi James bond villain feel to the Cobra organization and their schemes and it's definitely different to see much more compromising than usual.
Up, Up and Away & Sister of the Bride
Up, Up and Away & Sister of the Bride
Up, Up and Away
Desperate for adventure, Patch takes matters into her own hands and learns about being careful from some peculiar but familiar creatures.

Sister of the Bride
Clover's sister Meadowlark is getting married but things aren't going as smoothly as planned.